Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

SBI offers automatic round bottle labeling machine with high technology, well designed, easy to operate and with a very low maintenance cost.  These machines are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, mineral water bottle packaging, etc.

Machine Applications :

Suitable for labeling on various round bottle or cylinder containers (vertical). For example : Drug bottle, mineral water bottle, personal hygiene items, household items, etc.

Features :

  1. Main structure of machine is made by S304 stainless steel and aluminum that CNC processing by anodize.
  2. Head of Labeling use high grade stepping motor.
  3. High grade photoelectric sensor.
  4. HMI interface LCD touch screen.
  5. PLC controller.
  6. Provide memories for products setting Memory capacity 60 (max.) sets.
  7. English-Thai language user interface.
  8. Auto-detect the missing label on roll & alarm system.
  9. Auto-detect end of label roll & alarm system.
  10. No complex parameters need to set.
  11. Synchronize speed control system.
  12. Label counter provided.
  13. Batch counter provided.
  14. Label position can adjustable.
  15. Conformed to GMP norm.

Additional Optional Accessories :

  1. Hot stamping coding machine.
  2. Auto-Feeding Machine.
  3. Transparent Labels Sensors.

Specification :



Label Size

Width 10~130 mm (length no limit)

Labelling Speed

0~25 m/min (free adjustable)

Labelling Accuracy

±1 mm

Power Supply

400W 110V/220V, AC 50/60 Hz

Bottles Diameter


Machine Dimension (LxWxH)

2050 mm x 900 mm x 1320 mm

Machine Weight


Labeling Machine Pictures :

bottle typesfeatured_image featured_image





Labeling Machine Video :

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